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When starting the application for the first time, the app invites you to share with your friends.

This is not mandatory but will give t access to all the social features of the app - like sharing places, seeing friends' or recommending places to your friends - and the possibility to sync your places online for backup or access on the IOS web app or on this website.


At the first launch

After the Thank You panel, the app prompts a dialog window to ask you if you want to share your places.


By clicking on YES, you will be directed to the login page where you can either login with Google or use your email address and previously defined password to login, should you already have an account.

From the Settings Menu

If you decided to click on No in the Sharing with Friends dialog box, you can always access the login page via Menu (top left button on the main page) --> Settings --> Share Places --> Public Profile

... ... ...

Login and Sign Up pages

If you don't have an account but want to use Google to create one, just click on the sign-in with Google button (available only on android 2.2 and above). If you want to create your own password, use the Sign Up button on the top right of the screen


The Sign Up button on top of the screen will direct you to a dedicated page to define your own information (as mentioned above, the login screen allows you to create an account based on your Google information). The username you choose will be displayed to your friends when they look at the places you share. You'll be able to change it in the Settings menu (see the xxx section).

The email address will be the key for your friends to find you. If you choose to signup with Google+, it will be the email address associated with your Google+ account.


Adding your first place

Adding your first place is super easy. The fastest way to do it is to type the place's name and city in the search box on top of the main screen.

The application will suggest a list of potential matches. By clicking on the correct one, the application will position it on a map for your confirmation and by clicking on the pin, you'll get to a pre-filled form where you will be able to review the information and add your own information like tags and comments.

search-box search-box

Input form

The input form is the page to add all your information on the place you're adding:

    Phone Number

How to use Tags?

Tags have been included over the last versions to simplify the organization of your places. By combining different tags, you'll be able to precisely categorize your places and make them findable by your friends. Enabling you to add several tags for the same place enables you to precisely categorize places while letting your friends browse more widely. For example, by using chinese; restaurant instead of just one tag, your friend and you will be able to just see all restaurants or just filter on chinese ones.

To define tags, simply start entering them; separated by semi-colons. Any tag previously saved in a place will be suggested when starting typing.

search-box search-box

So feel free to create your own categorization, tags are here for that!

Private Tags

You can setup a tag to be private to avoid any of the places with this tag to be seen by your friends. Any time you create a new tag, the app will ask you whether you want the new tags to be private or not. By default, they will be public.

While there is no native IOS app on the apple store, we have developed a web-app specifically for small devices like iPhones. It can be accessed here.

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