1945 GMC Panel Truck Photos

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Photos and more info about the truck below.

I've added:
some closeups 
engine photos
interior shots

(Those are links to each part of the photos.)

The truck in its temporary showplace.
I moved it here the last week of October from
the garage where it had been stored for almost twenty years.

12.jpg (95311 bytes)


I see that, before taking these pictures,
I did not remove a stick that is leaning inside the rear bumper.

You see the custom racks.  The rollers are fire hose. 
Two are starting to peel.

The rear windows are flat glass.
They are missing but easily cut from safety glass.

The curve in the bumper is original. 
There is a little rot at the bottom of the doors.


7.jpg (105454 bytes)


The top is sound.  The racks, i assume, are custom.
There is some rust under the racks.


8.jpg (169910 bytes)


I have the nameplate, "General Motors Truck," for the driver's side
See what it looks like in the photo of the other side.

Yes, that is rot at the bottom of the driver side door.
It is not as bad as it looks in this photo, but it's not good.
There is a a close-up photo further on.


2-22.jpg (87618 bytes)


This is the fender i found in a junk yard in the late 1970s,
to replace the original damaged fender.


10.jpg (137239 bytes)


I believe i have the headlight rims.  I'm looking for my box of parts.

The front windshield, as you know, cranks out.

The mirror on the left is a large replacement mirror i put on for obvious reasons.
(That's audience left in this picture, the truck's right.)
I have the same mirror, to go on the left.  I may also have the original
small round mirrors.


2.jpg (162505 bytes)


Front bumper in excellent shape, with original California Class II truck sticker.

You see a side view of the dents in the right front fender.  The fender metal is solid.


5.jpg (138829 bytes)


Here you see the fender dents from the side.

The name plate is the same as the one i have for the driver's side.

The locking gas cap is not original.  I don't know if i have the original.  Will look.


3.jpg (173356 bytes)

Oops!  Where did that fan belt come from?

The rear view mirror is a larger one; i replaced the original.
I'll post a list of original parts here when i complete my search of the basement.


4.jpg (199292 bytes)


The next two show the rot at the bottom of the cab doors. 

The rocker panels have a little surface rust but are sound. 
The bottoms of the doors, as you see, are not. 


2-1.jpg (55328 bytes)


There is some rust on the inside of the frame
where the upper driver side hinge attaches,
but the body is sound under this rust;
it does not affect the integrity of the hinge attachment.


2-23.jpg (58788 bytes)


The next two photos show the rot at the bottom of the cargo doors. 
The panel below these doors is sound,
as are the hinges and their attachment to the body.

The right door took a small hit before i bought the truck. 
It is bent out less than a quarter of an inch,
not as much as it appears due to the shadow.

The taillight lens is not on the truck and i am not sure i have it. 
I'm still looking for the box of parts, which is somewhere in my basement. 

Check back for the list of original parts i have.


2-7.jpg (84619 bytes)


2-8.jpg (69507 bytes)


I may or may not have the cover plate for this access to the tail light wiring.
The white wire is a temporary, when the original failed just before the truck
went into storage.


2-9.jpg (79494 bytes)

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The wings raised.


2-6.jpg (71738 bytes)


The nameplate with serial number and GVW.

The crud on top of the yellow paint is dust and dirt


2-4.jpg (51436 bytes)


Driver's side, looking toward the radiator.
I have removed the manifolds, so you can see the damage.
The carburetor is loose on top of the valve cover.
Photos of the manifolds follow.


2-15.jpg (60457 bytes)


Driver's side, looking toward the firewall.
Wiring harness out of focus.  It's in quite good shape, for sixty years.


2-16.jpg (42124 bytes)


Passenger's side, looking toward the radiator.
Yes, that is the crankcase breather in front of the coil.
And, no, there is not a heater; never was.

2-3.jpg (56302 bytes)


Passenger's side, looking down at the ignition system.
The white wire is the temporary for the taillight


2-5.jpg (50553 bytes)


Close-up of carburetor and firewall.


2-25.jpg (68288 bytes)


The bad news.  The exhaust manifold developed a crack;
you can see this as the rusted portion at the bottom of the break.

The nice man who said he could fix it soon vanished,
leaving behind the exhaust manifold in two pieces.
His break shows as the dark, un-rusted metal.


2-10.jpg (124591 bytes)


The entire manifold assembly, from the bottom..


2-11.jpg (103115 bytes)


From the engine side.


2-12.jpg (96078 bytes)


From the top.


2-14.jpg (86233 bytes)


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That's it for the engine.  Now the interior

Here is the dash.  I have the glove compartment door;
it is in excellent shape, it was the first step in the previous owner'
planned restoration.  I don't know yet if i have the lock.

I do have the original GMC key with key code stamped on it.
All the other locks are in place and work just fine.

Again, the temporary taillight wire.

The brake is on in this photo, but only for some hours,
until we moved the truck further up my driveway,
and held it in place with a chain.  It is released now.


2-2.jpg (49442 bytes)


I don't have a photo of the panel above the windshield. 
The two small plates that give access to the windshield wiper motors
are not in place.  They may be in my basement.  There is also a
small square opening in the middle of the panel that does not look

Now, let's have a closer look at the still original upholstery


2-13.jpg (54189 bytes)


Another view, as the sun sets on our 1945 Jimmy panel.


2-17.jpg (62141 bytes)


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